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Welcome to the Wild West Crypto Show!

Whether you’re a little wet behind the ears in the world of cryptocurrency or you have been blazing the crypto trail for a while, the Wild West Crypto Show is the best crypto podcast to show you the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of crypto. 

Our show is packed full of information from experts who know a thing or two about cryptocurrency. We’re going to break down everything that newcomers need to know about getting started in cryptocurrency while providing valuable insight for more experienced Crypto Cowboys.

Cryptocurrency is a new frontier that not many have dared to venture into. We are here to make your journey as easy and profitable as possible by  providing our viewers with the facts and addressing misinformation about cryptocurrency.

So saddle up, partner, we’ve got a long ride ahead of us! 


Why CX4? If you are a developer, investor, trader, miner, or any business interested in what blockchain can do for your business, this is the conference for you. With 3 days of important content, you will leave with real resources and solutions. Our goal is to grow as a responsible community that positively impacts their community & build bridges in this fast-moving new frontier. At the CX4 Conference we provide the tools and resources for traditional business and blockchain technology integration. Use the link below to receive 10% off your admission price courtesy of the WIld West Crypto Show!

10% OFF FutureTech Expo Tickets in Dalls, TX!

The Future Tech Expo in Dallas TX aims to create a cooperative effort in technology to embrace the power of blockchain. As blockchain technology enters the mainstream, the biggest threats and opportunities will be where it meets and converges with other emerging technologies. With over 5,000 expected attendees, 70 top-notch speakers and 100+ exhibitors from the Blockchain & Bitcoin, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security / Hacking, Quantum Computing, 3D Printing, and Virtual / Augmented Reality worlds, and talks from ICOs and blockchain startups and more, this Expo is going to be a diverse, wonderful, and potentially profitable experience for all who attend.

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