WWCS Episode 40 | Making Crypto Consumer Friendly

Welcome back to the Wild West Crypto Show & C-Suite Radio! A ton of stuff is going on with the space this week. Cryptos has been going down and people are getting scared but we are not! We got to listen and talk to Dave Ramsey about how he feels about cryptocurrency.

In this weeks episode of The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, we talk about some good happening in the Marshall islands and how we feel the U.S needs to step up with their game in the crypto space!

We are proud to announce that we are teaming up with the CryptoCurrencyWire guys with a new segment on our show where we talk about the latest going on in the crypto world! This week, we talk about the plummet of Bitcoin’s value and what we think will happen next, why we think the latest FCC involvement was something positive, and the latest with BAKKT!

Checking in from Las Vegas at the World Crypto Con we have Charlie Lee from Litecoin and Justin Renken from ARK!

As always, we close with Brent Educates! We got to listen to as discussion with Dave Ramsey, we talk about why we feel we need to become more customer focused, and why the price decline will have a positive outcome.

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