Wild West Crypto Show Episode 45 | Why We’re Watching TRX

Hey folks welcome back to the Wild West Crypto Show & C-Suite Radio coming to you from Kerville, Texas! It’s another week at the speed of crypto! Lot of things happening this week as we see more and more people getting into the space even folks who said they would never do it! Up in line for this episode is Shehan who will be in the house! Shehan will be talking to us about the Houston Blockchain Alliance.

Each week we will do an ICO spotlight. For this week we evaluate Tron (TRX). Make sure to stay tuned to find out what we think and how we feel about this project!

Jonathan from CryptoCurrencyWire checks in with us again but this time he is attending The North American Bitcoin Conference. Jonathan tells us what the buzz is all about here at the conference and how many people attended!

On this weeks segment on Brent Educates, Brent discusses the topic of economic systems when it comes to the new representatives and senators and the lack of understanding they have of it.

We are excited to announce that we are debuting a new segment called “Global Round-up” where we will bring in some of the biggest names in the cryptospace from around the globe to give us the latest scoop of what is going on in their area. This week we have with us CryptoStache and Cryptokeeper!

We end this episode with another new segment called “Drew’s Rant” where each week Drew gives us either good news or bad news.

We at The Wild West Crypto Show and C-Suite radio work at the speed of crypto to bring you all the latest content! Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel and we promise to give you all the latest news and content in the crypto space!


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