Wild West Crypto Show Episode 44 | How Is ARK Changing Cryptos?

Welcome back to another episode of the Wild West Crypto Show and C-Suite Radio! In the crypto space, we saw a bounce in the market as things change once more as it always does and we see big companies are beginning to make their own blockchain, even those who didn’t favor it before!

We are excited to welcome back one of our good friends who we met at the World Crypto Con in Las Vegas, Justin Renken! Justin joins us today to tell us all the good things that ARK is doing for cryptos. ARK’s main goal is to make crypto easy for everyone young and old to use by designing user friendly mobile and desktop wallets. They also are working to help connect many blockchains together and to make deploying a brand new blockchain extremely easy!

Learn about ARK: https://www.ark.io

How do we feel about ARK? After we spoke to Justin, we sat down to evaluate our non-bias thoughts on how we truly feel about this project.

Lastly, we end the show with another great lookback at our greatest interviews from last year. Until next time!

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