Wild West Crypto Show Episode 43 | Who is Crypto For?

Welcome back to the Wild West Crypto Show. This week we talk wrap up our introduction to our new audiences about what cryptocurrency is and who it is for. We cover many topics such as how cryptocurrency is thief proof because of how it records everything! We later talk about the laws and regulations side of it and which people crypto is geared towards. We also tell why we think the government and banks don’t agree and why they dislike it so much.

CryptoCurrencyWire is our number one go to source for crypto news. Jonathan checks in this week and shares us some big news in the space. BitCoin just hit 10 years! Jonathan shares with us many conferences that they will be attending such as the World Crypto Con which will be taking place in Europe this year. He believes that this year, Crypto will be much more accepted among the mainstream.

To bring in the new year, we decided to showcase some of our favorite interviews we did last year. Enjoy!

We end this episode with another segment of Brent educates with a bit of “I Told You So”. Brent talks about what he really thinks about regulation!

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