Here at the Wild West Crypto Show, we want to provide our viewers with as many resources and as much information as possible. Here are some resources we have available for free! 

Learning Crypto with Alex!

Our own Alex Eaton has all kinds of videos to help you better understand crypto and blockchain. Click on Alex to check it out!

Demistifying Blockchain

A passing fad or the future? Take a look at what exactly is meant when talking of Blockchain.

WWCS Bitcoin Class

Here is our introductory class to Bitcoin and Blockchain! Learn the basics of Bitcoin and how Blockchain technology works.

Understanding Ethereum

This is a a great resource to better understand one of the cryptocurrency giants: Ethereum.

SEC Posts ICO Scam Site

The SEC wants investors to see what fraud looks like, so they built this educational site with many of the classic warning signs of fraud. Distributed ledger technology can add efficiency to the capital raising process, but promoters and issuers need to make sure they follow the securities laws.

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