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Wild West Crypto Show Episode #14 LIVE from the Kentucky Derby!

Drew N Brent were honored to be invited to the Run for the Unicorns at the Kentucky Derby. We broadcast LIVE from Churchill Downs on Oaks Day! Thanks to Andrew Prell, Jay Moore for inviting the WWCS as a Media Partner!
We met SO MANY amazing folks in the Crypto space at the Derby! Some are Longshots, many are Favorites Every One of them is worth a listen!

Wild West Crypto Show Episode #13 – Wrapping Up a Great Season

Wow how time flies in the Crypto Space! These ol’ Crypto Cowboys are used to smellin’ the cowpies! Show 13 and the Final Show of Season 1. The Hosts Welcome BRD as our Title Sponsor! We speak to Jonathan from Nauticus, the Co-Founder of Deedcoin, & BRD’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Wild West Crypto Show Episode #12 – Getting Ahead of Regulation

Week #12, we’ve come a L O N G way but so much further to go!
Larry Castro Founder/CEO of Stealth Grid discusses his ICO, Privacy, and Kayla’s Foundation.
Braeden Anderson shares the CryptoCurrency & Blockchain Regulatory Task Force. Getting AHEAD of regulation otherwise we will suffer the wrath of the less informed.
Also as we’ve seen in the past, Crypto’s rise after Tax Day!

Wild West Crypto Show Episode 11

Andrew Prell & Jay Moore discuss the Kentucky Derby & the Run for the Unicorn Event at the Derby. ICO Presentations & Derby Fun!
John Allen gets DEEP with Brent in the Universe of Crypto Magic!

Wild West Crypto Show Episode #10 – How to Fund Your Exchange

The Crypto Cowboys discuss upcoming events, funding your exchange and Arifa Khan of Capital Coin discusses the Blockchain Summit in Mumbai.

Wild West Crypto Show Episode #8 – Regulators! Mount Up!

Drew and Bob Carey interview SEC Atty. Paul Goodman about Cryptocurrencies and Regulation, Larry Castro shares his daughter Kayla’s story and her Charity along with information about his companies token Stealth Grid, helping people protect their Private Information. Travis Flaherty & Richard Hood discuss Mining Plus a DRAWING FOR A FREE MINING CONTRACT WORTH $500!

Wild West Crypto Show Episode 7

This week we have many guest that will talk to us about themselves, insider info about the bitcoin world and mining.



1. Weekly Global Roundup with-

Scott Douglas

John Corr.

John D. Allen.


2. School House/Education with-

Kuvera Wealth: Travis Flaherty, Richard Hoo.

3. Featured Project or ICO –

Clinicoin: Noel Chandler.

4. The Good, the Bad & the Ugly


Thank you to all are guest! And special thank you to KTSA Radio Stay Connected!

Wild West Crypto Show Episode 6

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