Month: December 2018

Wild West Crypto Show Episode 41 – What’s Going on with Cryptos?

What a wild week in cryptos! And we at the Wild West Crypto Show & C-Suite radio are here to cover it all! We are finally seeing double digits in green just in time as Thanksgiving came by. Did the FCC have anything to do with the decline in cryptos previously? We share our views on how we feel and think about the regulations with the FCC.

We sit down with Johnathan with Cryptocurrency Wire to see what’s the latest in crypto. He discusses what he thinks was the reason for this bounce back in numbers and how Coin Base had something to do with it.

This week we have a very special guest with us Matthew Sullivan with Quantm RE! With this company they are using Blockchain & Real Estate in a very unique way. Watch the interview to learn more about them!

Last but not least, we end our show with a segment of Brent Educates as we talk about if we should or shouldn’t allow regulations in the crypto space and our views and opinions on it!

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